GreenRoots Gathering is a event planning business focused on the needs of the community. All the events that are shared through GreenRoots Gathering have one main purpose, to help those in the community. Whether it is through an informational seminar, a healing workshop, or a creative journey, you can be assured you will have a positive experience.

Thank you for sharing and we look forward to connecting more soon! 

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 GreenRoots Gathering LLC.  

We offer events where the mission is to bring this ever expanding community together in celebration of connecting and sharing in positive intentions .  
There are events for all ages.

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and working with you to bring your beautiful ideas to the community as a whole,

or to your own private event for your work, friends or family!


Past  GreenRoots Gathering Events   

Henna All Night
Community Retreats
Community Drumming
Community Festivals

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