2019 GreenRoots Gathering Offerings

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Join us Saturday evening as we welcome Christina Holmes all the way from Narragansett, Rhode Island! 

 When she sings, walls, barriers, and boundaries disappear.

Finding a sweet spot in the middle of acoustic, folk, reggae, rock, and pop music, she represents the same values and vision on stage and off. She is a truly authentic performer! 

You may have had the wonderful opportunity to see Christina perform while she was touring alongside the likes of Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, and Nahko & Medicine for the People.

If you did not catch her there, then you will NOT want to miss her at The GreenRoots Gathering! 


PERFORMING AT 8:30pm Saturday Night

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Join us as we welcome Debbie Graul,  an intuitive artist and mindfulness facilitator who shares her creations made with loving intentions and positive energy for DebG Designs. 

Debbie facilitates mindfulness workshops for children and adults. Sharing with others the gift of mindfulness has a ripple effect that can be felt through those she touches with this practice. 

Join us at The GreenRoots Gathering on Saturday 6/15 for two workshops that will be offered throughout the day. Debbie will be facilitating workshops for younger people (ages 7- 13) and older people (ages 14-adult). Time and location at the retreat center TBA. 


KIDS WORKSHOP 2:15pm Saturday

ADULTS WORKSHOP 4:30pm Saturday  

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We welcome Rebecca Anzivino from Personally Painted to The GreenRoots Gathering as she shares her artistic talents with all of us. Rebecca offers various platforms for her artistic expression, her focus for this gathering will be henna. She has trained with Bucks Counties top henna artist, and is excited to offer this one hour workshop on basic henna design. She will also be available throughout the weekend if you would like to adorn yourself with her work.



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Brendan Clark has been on a spiritual transformation journey since 2010. He was led to discover his gifts and begin Siriusconsciousness LLC and has been able to help others heal with the Quartz Crystal Bowls. Offering healing for the mind, for the body and for the soul, Brendan is honored to help others.

 If you have never experienced Crystal Bowl Healing, you will not want to miss this session with Brendan.  

Sound waves are used as a conduit to amplify divine healing from source energy, to transform the individual and create a harmonious state of well being.  Various degrees of consciousness levels are explored which clear communication from Gaia, to the heart, the brain and the collective super conscious.

A clear path is achieved for the receiver of this healing as they are connected to the whole.

 The state of One Being.


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We welcome Dr. Michael Kaye from

The Center for Functional Health

located in Sellersville PA .

If your life has been impacted by any of these conditions:
Heartburn/ Constipation/ Diarrhea
Food Sensitivity/ Cravings
Brain Fog/ Headaches/ Moodiness
Joint Pain
 You will not want to miss this insightful and educational talk about you and your gut with Functional and Lifestyle expert Dr. Michael Kaye! You can expect to learn about 6 overlooked causes of digestive distress and how you can take back your life.

LECTURE OFFERING: 3:15pm Saturday

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Join Renae Jensen at The GreenRoots Gathering to learn more about the "Secret" art of Feng Shui.

Our homes are so much more than four walls and a roof.  They are true extensions and expressions of our lives, and we are a reflection of our homes.  Does your home nurture and support you ? Do you feel inspired and uplifted when you cross your threshold?  
Do you feel you are living at 100 percent?

When we make a change, move a couch, chose a beautiful picture, clear clutter, we are physically recreating that space with a clear intention and a purpose. 
  We take charge of our lives by representing on the outside, what we want on the inside..  There truly is no difference.   


Renae is a certified Feng Shui teacher and professional for over twenty years, she has taught Feng Shui on an international platform, and has enjoyed many television and radio appearances. She hosted several International Feng Shui conferences in New Jersey that brought the architecture, green design and feng shui community together in educational harmony. She has empowered feng shui and conscious design in many commercial buildings, schools, offices, and personal homes.  She is the founder of the Conscious Design Institute and  Design Harmony Feng Shui. Renae trains public and professionals in Feng Shui and Space Clearing. Renae is an active real estate agent and specializes in feng shui for home sales. With a background in martial arts and Chi Gong, she is an Energy Therapist  - Reiki Master,  Pranic Healing, 
Rose Alchemy Therapist and  Ordained Minister

LECTURE OFFERING :  2:15pm Sunday 


We are honored to have Olivia Helanna at The GreenRoots Gathering as she shares her love of yoga and her practice with us. Olivia received her Yoga Teachers Certification (250 hour) from YogaLife Institute in King of Prussia.She is currently attending graduate school for counseling at Rosemont College in addition to her continued study in Yoga Therapy at YogaLife. 

Olivia uses chakras, visualization, deep breathing and integrates yoga philosophy and love for Moth Earth in her classes.  Join Olivia on Sunday June 16th for a calming, chakra based yoga flow followed by a deep meditation which will integrate a singing bowl to allow you to go just a bit deeper within. 

  Olivia is also available for individuals who are looking for guidance with their practice.

  You can contact her for more information on private sessions as well as follow her on Instagram at  (yogi_liv)

YOGA OFFERING : 11:45am Sunday 

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We welcome to

The GreenRoots Gathering,  

Marlene Pray, MEd. 

Marlene is an activist, sexuality educator, Earth-Centered priestess, and celebrant of Sacred Feminist Womyn’s Circles, will be leading a Circle honoring the Celtic Wheel of the Year, including a fire release ritual, and learning the Celtic smoke purification practice of “saining” as an application of a racial justice approach to sacred practices and rituals. All participants will take home an ethically harvested herb bundle and an overview of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Much goodness awaits!

Join us.

All welcome.


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We welcome Colin Flegeal of

Love Tones  to the GreenRoots Gathering Sunday June 16th. 

Please join Colin as he guides us with  healing sounds to close out our beautiful weekend and allow us all to reflect and acknowledge anything we would like to share gratitude for. 

Love Tones hosts events that assist you on your journey by using sound as

the healing modality. 

Be sure to share in an upcoming workshop where you will experience healing through the vibrational sounds of   

 the Didgeridoo and crystal singing bowls to create a world of harmony.

Some say:

If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of the Didgeridoo.

CLOSING CEREMONY : 3:30pm Sunday


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Faye Adinda is a singer/songwriter, musician and artist, creating music and art for self love, acceptance, and compassion for all. Her songs are filled with positive affirmations and prayers, and weaved in a unique blend
of R&B, soul, folk and mystical fusion. With her catchy sing-a-long lyrics, upbeat and mystical rhythms, and melodic
vocals her songs encapsulate audiences with feelings of love,  healing and empowerment.

Find out more about Faye at  @fayeadindamusic (Facebook)



PERFORMING AT 4:30pm Saturday Night 

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Join us as we welcome Mark Wood to the GreenRoots Gathering. Mark will be offering a hands on 1 hour drumming workshop on Saturday. After you have immersed yourself in a wonderful and  positive filled workshop with Mark, you can bring all your amazing energy to our circle on Saturday evening which will also be facilitated by Mark Wood.If you are looking for that special drum, Mark will  have his drums from WoodnDrum available for purchase on both Saturday and Sunday.


DRUM WORKSHOP: 3:15pm Saturday 

COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE : 10pm Saturday Night

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Mesa from Mesa Lifestyle of Doylestown Pa. will be joining us   as she shares and offering of beautiful and grounding community yoga on Saturday June 15th.

   In addition to offering yoga both on land and in the water, she is also an inspiring artist. Her artwork and pieces will be available for purchase at the GreenRoots Gathering.  www.mesalifestyle.com

In addition to all that she offers the community, Mesa is also an advocate for living a more sustainable lifestyle, Her vision of creating a tiny house to promote sustainable education became a reality in the Summer of 2017 with Minimus. www.minimustinyhouse.com 

VENDING HOURS Sat & Sun Noon-4pm

YOGA WORKSHOP : 12:15pm Saturday

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Join us as we welcome Amanda Midkiff of

Locust Light Farm to the GreenRoots Gathering.

Before the inception of Locust Light Farm, Amanda worked as an Organic Vegetable farmer for six years. Amanda has a passion and desire to sustain the natural abundance of the eco system while utilizing the healing benefits of the plants we have around us,  Join Amanda for an insightful plant walk on the beautiful grounds of Deer park, after the walk you will have the opportunity to make your own smudge bundle to take with you! 


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We welcome Maureen Groetsch of

Heart Wisdom and Light

Come and learn the Power of Sacred Geometry / Golden Ratio / Fibonacci SequenceSacred Geometry is the eternal force that brings all things in alignment with our eternal being and life force (channeled).  Within the natural flow of life, Sacred Geometry grounds, nurtures and restores us; supporting us to feel centered and in our power.  This workshop is designed to:* Show you the repetitive pattern that is found in all of life; a basic mathematical pattern expressed infinitely * Show you several common examples of this expression * Explain how simply you can align yourself with the power of this sacred expression* Simplify your view of how to support your being with sacred geometry * Give examples of how sacred geometry can change the structure of water and biologically enhance other foods and beverages* Give examples of specific benefits to health and well being that have been recognized by others who have incorporated the use of sacred geometry tools. * Deliver encouragement to discover for yourself many avenues to nurture your self with natures life giving gifts

LECTURE OFFERING: 11:45am Sunday

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We are so honored to have Simona Lederman from  Nature Playschool. 

Be sure to join her with your littles on Sunday morning for a nature craft and movement session followed by a family yoga session

(3+ years old)   

Simona is a registered yoga teacher and nature teacher, she remains one of the original founders of Nature Playschool, continuing and expanding on the belief that children should be learning by play and immersed in nature. Through personal and professional experiences, Simona was inspired to add other programs and events, which promote connection, learning, and healing with nature at its core.

Such programs include Nature Explorers for young children and their caregivers, Kids and Family Yoga, and Natural Movement for Embodiment:

A Yoga Series for Trauma Survivors.


FAMILY YOGA : 11:45am Sunday


We are excited to offer Sunday Morning "Awaken, Stretch and Tone Yoga" with  Pat Ciaramella!

 RYT 200 & Certified in Thai Yoga and Thai Bodywork – Pat has studied various aspects of the Asian culture for over 30 years.  She earned a black belt in Okinawan Karate, is a Reiki Master, holds certificates in Tai Chi, the Vedic Conservatory for Thai Yoga Massage, and certification from the Thai Healing Academy in Chang Mai, Thailand for Thai Bodywork. She has practiced several forms of Yoga for more than 20 years, is a RYT-200 from the Breathing Room, offers Thai Workshops here and teaches Chair Yoga for seniors. Pat continues her education in Thai Yoga Bodywork, offers sessions at The Breathing Room or privately in your home.  You may contact Pat  at Patthai_yoga@hotmail.com.


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Improvisational Tribal Bellydance is a fusion of Middle Eastern, Indian, Central Asian, North African, and Spanish dance, performed in a lead and follow format, in which dancers communicate to each other through movement. This fun form of art and exercise is appropriate for all ages and body types.

Tricia Hurley has been studying bellydance since 2010, with a focus on Improvisational Tribal Style. She is currently a member of Star City Tribal and teaches in Phillipsburg, NJ.

JoinUs on Saturday for this fun and exciting Belly Dance workshop with Tricia and take all that you learn to the drum circle Saturday night! 


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 Wellness Lecture Offering

We welcome Dayana Pereira of

KORU Real Wellness, located in Doylestown, PA. At KORU, Dayana and the team teach you simple tools to increase vitality, to improve performance and recovery, and to move with strength and ease at any age. 


Dayana is a certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and XPT™ Coach who is dedicating her life to cultivating awareness, presence, and gratitude. She is passionate about learning and teaching how to achieve optimal health, joy, and mastery of ourselves.


Whether you want to build strength, get out of pain, or simply explore what it means to be human, Dayana’s experience and guidance can support you along the way.


At KORU, we offer private treatments, individual coaching & training sessions, health & nutrition coaching, and a variety of group classes and workshops. Our state of the art facilities include a functional training gym, dry heat sauna, and contrast therapy ice baths. At KORU, your neighborhood retreat center, you will find a dedicated team in service of supporting you uncovering & discovering your most empowered and peaceful self. 


We provide the care, knowledge and skill to support your transformative process towards increased longevity, performance, and awareness. Come to this interactive presentation to learn how our unique offerings can provide the tools to make self care simple, sustainable, and fun.

LECTURE OFFERING : 12:45pm Sunday

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